Collaborative Creative Colocation

OfficePort provides an environment where ideas bounce around, growing in quality and quantity and translated into action. At OfficePort, we have the means to realize many ideas. Through working together, we can take a conversation over fine Roasterie coffee, to a fully fledged concept, to a revolutionary business model.

OfficePort provides low-cost collaborative work space for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the like. OfficePort meets a soaring nationwide demand that is not and cannot be met in the traditional manner. It is the antithesis of the old leased-space model. It is not traditional, costly, environmentally repressive, isolated, economically unpredictable. It is not business as usual. OfficePort is open, supportive, and affordable, without deposit or long-term commitment, completely turn-key without hidden costs. It is a concept born of today’s needs.